Basalt Highlands Residence
Location & Year: Basalt, CO - 2009
Size: 4,997 SF The house was designed for a couple who have acquired a significant collection of prints and drawings. One of the programmatic challenges was to capture light and views while protecting the art from direct sunlight, especially when the house is not in use.
In response, the upper level of the house functions as the 'Main House', while the middle level became the 'Guest House'. This allows the owners privacy when they have family or friends staying for extended visits. The owners by themselves can live comfortably in the 2,500 square foot main level of the house, work in the library, and use the kitchen and either exterior terrace without having to use the guest level. On the upper level rooms open to the exterior, as the glass walls disappear when they are opened completely. Terraces flank the length of the house. One terrace has glorious views of Sopris Mountain, and the other is a more meditative and private space, easily accessed from the master bath and the interior gallery. The gallery runs the length of the upper level and serves as circulation as well as dining space. Adjacent to the kitchen and living room, it provides the walls and controlled lighting prescribed by the large Richard Serra drawings that are hung there. The guest level has two bedrooms opening onto a common space. A 'bunk room' provides sleeping in ship like berths, each with its own reading light and small television. The base of the house is concrete with wood used above.

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