Residence Remodel and Addition
Location & Year: Houston, TX - 2005
Size: 5,612 SF The exterior of this 1930 Tudor home shows the classic features of this medieval revival style: dark brick and exposed half-timbering with the spaces between filled or ‘nogged’ with decorative brickwork. The slate tiled, hipped roof is broken by several uneven cross gables. Other typical elements are the massive, ornate chimneys topped by terra cotta pots and the small, leaded casement windows.
The owners wanted to modernize the interior without much change to the exterior, especially the street façade. The program asked for a large kitchen and dining room, a studio and library, and a complete redesign of the second floor. The design solution was a two level, 1,037 SQ. FT addition perpendicular to the back of the house. The new wing is a steel and glass structure with a semi- transparent Kal-wall roof. The roof’s uneven gable follows the slopes of the existing roof. The addition is surrounded on three sides by a shallow pool and a wide stone terrace on the fourth.
The existing dining room was enlarged by incorporating the former kitchen and opens through tall glass sliding doors to the addition. The kitchen with three wide parallel islands and a casual eating and sitting area occupies the lower level, partly open to the roof structure. The second level is used as a study, overlooking the seating area below.
The existing second floor was completely gutted and reconfigured as two large master bedroom suites. All existing small, leaded casement windows of the house were replaced with new double glazed windows in a similar style or enlarged with typical Tudor style partitions.
In back of the garden, the existing garage was redesigned as a three level garage/guesthouse, repeating the uneven gables, half timbering with brick ‘nogging’, and windows of the main house.

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