Residence Remodel
Location & Year: Houston, TX - 2004
Size: 1,373 SF This house is designed for a woman living adjacent to fer daughter and grandchildren. The client wanted a house that felt private, yet was accessible to her grandchildren, had few windows, yet natural light throughout, felt spacious though the budget and site had constraints. As a result of these programmatic requirements, the house is energy efficient. There are few openings on the west face, only textured glass openings on the east face, and operable windows on both the north and south faces, allowing for cross breezes when the windows are opened. There is a fenced in garden that is just south of the dining/living area- the most public space, which extends the room from interior to exterior- allowing the space to feel even larger than it is. The "west wing" consists of this one room, the living/dining area- in which a low wood screen with sandblasted glass exists to shield the rear of the iron stove/fire box- as well as suggesting a separation of spaces. The "east wing" contains the more "private" spaces, the bedroom, bath and closet, the kitchen, and the study with a darkroom adjacent to it. The circulation throughout the house allows one to move through the "east wing" without having to enter the living space unless one wants to. This allows the client to have family/friends to visit without having to compromise her privacy.

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